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Signposting to policy, evidence and tools

Policy and Guidance


Title and description Published by
Watch out for Health PDF
A 42 page checklist for assessing the health impact of planning proposals. Potential users of this guide may include local authorities, PCTs, developers and consultants, community voluntary groups and organisations.
NHS Healthy Urban Development Unit
Creating strong & prosperous communities through local spatial planning PDF
Planning policy statements (PPS) set out by the government’s policies on different aspects of spatial planning in England. The document explains what local spatial planning is, and how it benefits communities. It also sets out what the key ingredients of local spatial plans are and the key government policies on how they should be prepared.
Communities & Local governments
Decent Parks, Decent Behaviour PDF
This report looks at the link between the quality of green space services and the behaviour of visitors. This publication is helping to reshape approaches to tackling vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
CABE Space
May 2003
Start with the Park PDF
A guide for anyone involved in creating and caring for green spaces in areas of regeneration.
CABE Space
How to create quality parks and open spaces PDF
A guide for people who want to include open spaces, for both managers and frontline staff involved in planning, designing, managing maintaining or using parks and green spaces.
Department of Communities and Local Government


Title and description Published by
The London Plan & supplementary guidance
London’s spatial development framework. Includes themes such as Living in London, working in London, transport in London, enjoying London and climate change
Mayor of London
Originally published in 2004, subsequently revised
Open Space Strategies – Best Practice Guidance PDF
The Mayor and CABE Space have published for consultation updated planning guidance aimed at ensuring best use of invaluable open spaces. The draft guidance provides advice on assessing the quantity and quality of open spaces and on identifying the needs of local communities and other users of open spaces.
Mayor of London and CABE
November 2008
Improving Londoners’ access to nature – implementation report PDF
Report identifying sites where the Mayor of London sees an opportunity to improve access to nature, and provide guidance on how these improvements can and should be made.
Mayor of London
February 2008
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