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Brent (Phase 2)

The following Well London activities will take place in the Chalkhill Estate target area (more info to follow).

Projects and Activities

Please contact Michael Stuart for more information about the activities taking place, and remember these activities are open to all residents of Chalkhill!


Project Name and Details

Where and When

Who Can Come?

Boosting Volunteering, gardening and befriending

Starts in July

All residents welcome

Mental Health Awareness

Friday drop-ins, Chalkhill Community Centre, 11am – 1pm

All residents welcome

Healthy Eating Classes

Chalkhill Community Centre, Tuesday evenings, 6.30pm

All residents welcome

Raunchy Rockers Dance Class

Chalkhill Community Centre, Friday Mornings

Over 50s

Fitness and Wellbeing

Raunchy Rockers is a dance project for elderly people who want to meet new friends, become active and laugh a lot. The project ends every Friday morning with a little feast, teas and coffees, giving everyone the chance to catch their breath and chat. The Raunchy Rockers have started organizing fund raising events to keep the project going as long as possible, and are a dedicated and inspiring bunch.

Mental Health Awareness are hosting a range of drop ins and fun events over the coming year, including encouraging people to communicate with others and 'Hug a Friend' initiatives. Please contact us for more information about these events.

There is a weekly drop in coffee morning at the local community centre, which is informal and offers an opportunity to meet new people, relax in a new environment, learn new games and share thoughts. Open to all!

Healthy Eating

A healthy cooking course takes place every Tuesday evening within the local community centre. The course began this summer and is just picking up, come and take your place and learn how to enjoy and prepare yummy healthy foods!


2 separate employment courses have been designed for residents of Chalkhill. Olmec will take a small group of residents through an employment process with the aim of suppporting them into employment. 

Target Area Map

Chalkhill Estate Target Area (Click map for larger Image)
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