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Volunteer Delivery Teams

Some of the  WLDT from Barnfield Estate in Woolwich (Phase 1)

The Well London Delivery Team (WLDT) is a group of ten or more local people from the target neighbourhood who are recruited and supported by the Well London Coordinator. The WLDT volunteers have the opportunity to attend a bespoke training and accreditation programme, developed and delivered by the Royal Society of Public Health as part of the Training Communities project. The volunteers undertake a range of roles matched to their individual knowledge, skills, interests and aspirations. Most importantly they act as local champions for the Well London programme and play key peer to peer roles in on going community engagement, promoting and signposting other residents to Well London and other local activities and opportunities. It is important that the WLDT volunteers are recruited from the target neighbourhood – hence building local knowledge, skills, capacity and leadership. Many Well London volunteers go on to further training and development and into paid employment.

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