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Past, present and future

In 2006, the London Health Commission established a new partnership between seven organisations to form a unique, multi-sectoral Well London Alliance. In 2007, BIG Lottery Fund awarded the Greater London Authority £9.46m for the Alliance to deliver Well London - a new, radical, community action programme for health and well-being.

In phase 1 (2007-2011) Well London was developed and delivered in 20 of London’s most deprived neighbourhoods targeting a total population of 35,000 achieving high levels of participation (17,000 participants). Improvements in mental wellbeing (86%), physical activity (83%), and healthy eating (60%) were reported by participants, as well as improved community cohesion and increased life skills through training and volunteering opportunities. You can find all phase 1 evaluation reports here and view documentary evidence of impact below in our short film.

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In phase 2 (2012-2015) we have refined the Well London framework, moved to a locally commissioned model, focussed on replicability on a ‘natural neighbourhood’ basis and, in some areas, scalability of the approach to larger neighbourhoods/regeneration areas. We also extended the Well London alliance to formally include the Royal Society of Public Health who have led and strengthened the core Training Communities elements of the framework. We are now working on implementation and evaluation in fourteen neighbourhoods across ten London boroughs. We are also exploring the development of the framework in other contexts, including Primary Care and work with Housing Associations.

In phase 3 (2015-2020) our focus will be on major scaling up and mainstreaming of the Well London framework approach in London and beyond. This will include further development work with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Primary Care in London and also in rural and semi urban contexts outside of London.

In 2011 Well London won a Royal Society of Public Health Award at the highest level and was endorsed by Sir Michael Marmot:

‘…Empowering individuals and communities, and giving people a voice is integral to addressing health inequalities. I am delighted the Partnership has achieved well-deserved recognition for its work.’

Sir Michael Marmot
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