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Research and Evaluation

Well London is a continuously developing framework for working with disadvantaged neighbourhoods to improve health and well-being.  

Well London phase 1 evaluation findings (2007 – 2011) have now been published.

Learning and recommendations from the evaluation of phase 1 have been assimilated into the framework now being implemented and evaluated in eleven phase 2 areas. The evaluation framework for phase 2 focuses in more detail and depth on the nature of and impact on participants and includes a longitudinal cohort study.

Plans for scaling up in a 3rd phase are being established as part of the research and development pipeline for the framework.

Phase 3 will gather further evidence of effectiveness and cost benefits and explore how use of the framework can be scaled up across bigger geographical localities.

For further information contact: Dr Patrick Tobi, Director of Research, Institute for Health and Human Development,, +44 2082 234 473 

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