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Southwark (Phase 2)

The following Well London activities will take place in the Unwin & Friary Estate target area (more info to follow).

Name and Details of Project

Where and When


Who can come

Jewellery Making Classes

Thursday Mornings, 10.30am, TRA Hall, Unwin and Friary


All residents welcome

Pop up Parks

Various times and places throughout the summer, poster available

Rupal Shah

All residents welcome

The Healthy Eating and Cooking Course

Peckham Park Road Baptists Church every Friday morning, 10.30am – 1pm


All residents welcome

Self defence Classes

Monday Evenings, 7pm, Peckham Park Road Baptists Church

Remi Lessore

Women Only

Target Area Map for Unwin & Friary Estate

Unwin & Friary Estate Target Area Map (Click map for larger image)
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