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What is Well London?

Well London is a framework for local communities and organisations to work together to improve health and well-being, build resilience and reduce inequalities. For more detail on our framework please click here.

What does Well London do?

Well London works at the very local, neighbourhood level. It engages and supports people to develop their individual and community knowledge, skills and capacity to take action on the issues affecting their health and well-being. Very importantly, it also integrates with, strengthens and adds value to what is already going on locally and informs the development of services to better meet local needs.

Where does Well London work?

Since 2007 Well London has worked in thirty of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods across London in two phases of development. To see where our current areas of involvement are please see our Well London Neighbourhoods page.

Who does Well London work with?

Well London is a partnership approach through and through from work on the ground up to strategic level. You can find out more about our strategic partners here and our local partners here.

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