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The Evidence Base

Title and description Published by
Is the grass greener? Learning from international innovations in urban green space management: executive summary PDF
This report demonstrates how 11 cities from Melbourne and Minneapolis, to Curitiba in Brazil are improving their residents’ health, wealth and quality of life by investing in parks.
Community networking project final report PDF
An analysis of the extent of community group involvement in parks and green spaces, helping to quantify the level and value of involvement, and identify the requirements to support such groups in the future. The report was widely publicised and seen as a benchmark study within the sector.
Green Space
November 2003
Building Health: Creating and enhancing places for healthy, active lives: What needs to be done? PDF
A collection of papers by leading experts and campaigners which examine how the design of towns, cities and buildings might encourage physical activity.  Building Health covers issues ranging from strategic and urban planning, to walking and cycling, to urban green space and building design. This project was done in partnership with Living Streets and CABE.
National Heart Forum
Physical Activity and the built environment PDF
ThisCABE briefing highlights opportunities for using the built environment – our streets and neighbourhoods, our parks and our workplaces – to reduce this burden on our health service.
Urban Green Spaces and Mental Health PDF
Paper exploring the evidence base for the links between urban green space and mental health
UK MAB Urban Forum
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