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Mental Well-being

Signposting to policy, evidence and tools

The Evidence Base

Title and description Published by
Mental Capital and Well-Being: Making the most of ourselves in the 21st Century PDF
Review of the evidence that physical activity can enhance mental capital, mental wellbeing and brain health throughout life.
Government Office for Science
February 2009
Mental Health Promotion: Building an economic case PDF
This report uses economic analysis to develop the case for greater investment in mental health promotion, defined as the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health.
Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health
Mental health Case Studies PDF
A 4 page leaflet featuring case studies exploring the benefits that mental health users have gained from the Walking the Way to Health Initiative schemes. Includes key facts about the links between exercise and mental health.
Walking the Way to Health
Mental Health indicators final report PDF
Indicators of Mental Health Activity in London: Adjusting for Sociodemographic Need.
London Health Observatory, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London and London Development Centre for Mental Health.
Power and potential of young people PDF
A pilot project by nef and Nottingham City Council to measure young people’s well-being in Nottingham.
New Economics Foundation
Mental health, resilience and inequalities PDF
This report explores the wealth of evidence that mental health influences a very wide range of outcomes for individuals and communities. It highlights the importance of policies and programmes to support improved mental health for the whole population.
World Health Organisation Europe
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