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Mental Well-being

Signposting to policy, evidence and tools

Policy and Guidance


Title and description Published by
The State of Happiness
A major new report from the Young Foundation and the IDeA summarises the results of community based projects carried out across the country. It reveals how a new common sense is taking shape: how action to promote wellbeing can be good for the economy and public services.
The Young Foundation
January 2010
New Horizons: Towards a Shared Vision for Mental Health PDF
A consultation paper from the Department of Health on mental health and well-being policy. The report contains evidence and examples of best practice around promoting mental well-being
Department of Health
Flourishing People, Connected Communities PDF
A 5 page document summarising the proposed framework for developing well-being, as part of the New Horizons consultation. The paper includes five daily habits to achieving well-being.
Department of Health
Mental well-being and older people: A quick reference guide PDF
This guidance is on the role of occupational therapy interventions and physical activity interventions to promote the wellbeing of older people. It is for NHS primary care professionals, those in local authorities and the wider public, private, voluntary and community sectors
October 2008
Promoting mental health and well-being in later life PDF
A first report from the UK Inquiry into Mental Health and Well-Being in Later Life
Age Concern/ Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health and Smoking PDF
A position statement from the Faculty of Public Health.
Faculty of Public Health
Representing and supporting members with mental health problems at work PDF
This booklet enables workplace representatives to understand the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) as it applies to people with mental health problems, and provides straightforward advice and guidance on how to support people with mental health problems and tackle discrimination in the workplace.

Teenage mental health PDF
This report reveals the complex spectrum of emotional difficulties facing young women – and how to provide the spaces and opportunities they need to flourish.
Girl guides
A Bright future for All: Promoting mental health in education PDF
This training pack is a resource for teachers to develop debate and activities on mental health promotion across their school. This pack can be used flexibly and at a pace that suits the school.
The Mental Health Foundation
Changing diets: Changing Minds PDF
This report aims to make accessible to a varied audience the breadth and depth of research that appears to demonstrate a link between diet and mental health, and to place that evidence in the context of a changing food system.


Title and description Published by
Mental health in the workplace PDF
10 fact sheets concerning mental health in the workplace including information on healthy environments, positive recruitment practice, positive retention practice, disability and grievance procedures and other workplace mental health issues.
Equal Access, Equal care? Can London deliver the Race Equality Action Plan for Mental Health? PDF
This report has been produced by the London Health Observatory (LHO) for the London Development Centre to provide a London baseline for monitoring specific actions in the Delivering Race Equality (DRE) action plan.
London Health Observatory
Watch out for health PDF
This scoping process provides an overview of various issues to be considered in context of the proposal, in particular potential negative and positive effects. It also provides prompts in terms of thinking about key issues as well as relevant planning policies and information links.
NHS London Healthy Urban Development Unit
Time is now: towards a healthier London PDF
This 6-page summary report documents the findings of four seminars convened by the London Health Commission (LHC). The seminars brought together academics, policy makers and practitioners to take a radical look at health inequalities in the Capital, their underlying causes, and potential solutions.
London Health Commission
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