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Picture from our very first world cafe in White City!
CEAD is a comprehensive process for community and stakeholder engagement in needs assessment and design of the local Well London programmes. The CEAD process takes place in each target neighbourhood at the beginning of each phase of the Well London programme. This approach ensures that local programme of local activities is responsive to each community’s needs as identified by the communities themselves.

The CEAD process is designed to be inclusive and transparent and consists of a number of key steps:

• Community Profiling and Asset Mapping; including desk based work to bring together census, routine and other data about the needs of the target neighbourhood and information about existing community assets in, and available to, the community.

• Door to door conversations and informal survey; telling residents about the Well London programme and how they can get involved, encouraging them to attend the Community Cafes and starting to gather resident views on what would improve health and wellbeing in their neighbourhood.

• Community Cafés based on World Café methodology to get residents to work together to identify local needs and issues - residents only

• Community Action Workshops to feedback the needs identified by residents on their doorsteps and through the Cafes and from the Profiling and Mapping information. Using Appreciative Inquiry and Visual Mapping techniques to get residents and other local stakeholders working together to scope out and start planning the local Well London programme.

• Priorities and Resources meeting. Brings together Commissioners with other local organisations that have influence and resources relevant to the priorities identified through the CEAD process. Allocation of funding and refocusing of local investment is agreed as basis for the local Well London work programme.

• Feedback. The results of the CEAD process are fed back to the local residents and wider stakeholders through the local Well London programme launch event and via an online report, accessible on the Well London website (link to Neighbourhood pages)

…the cafes…were outstanding as a community engagement tool…I had never seen community engagement done in this way; it's quite unique…I thought that was quite a good model and I will always take that with me as a model.


I think there is something there about the information that you can glean through those informal processes that perhaps you can't necessarily get otherwise

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