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Culture and Tradition

Signposting to policy, evidence and tools

Tools and Resources

What resources are there to help inform work across ethnic groups, languages and cultures?

Title and description Published by
Working across languages & cultures PDF
Guidance notes to help those with limited experience of working with groups of people from different languages and cultures to make the most of opportunities to work with these groups.
Women’s Environmental Network
The impact of mental health on different communities
A suite of resources on the impact of mental health on different communities, including African Caribbean, Chinese and Vietnamese, Irish, South Asian communities
London: a world in one City
An interactive resource produced by The Guardian including a scrollable map to see which ethnic communities live where in London.
The Guardian
Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot Communities in London PDF
This report brings together existing data on these community groups and highlights key issues facing London’s Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot populations, with a view to informing key decision makers and service providers.
Mayor of London

What resources are available to help promote health through the arts?

Title and description Published by
Arts Council England factsheets for London
Factsheets cover topics such as grants for the arts, approaching commissions, example budgets, insurance, musical instruments and second hand equipment, and information for artists on how to work with communities.
Arts Council England
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