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Culture and Tradition

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The Evidence Base for Culture and Tradition

Title and description Published by
NHS evidence: ethnicity and health
A wealth of resources in 4 sections: diseases and conditions, service delivery, cultural competence and management and policy statistics. 
Arts in health: a review of the medical literature PDF
This review by Dr Rosalia Lelchuk Staricoff of medical literature published between 1990 and 2004 explores the relationship of arts and humanities with healthcare, and the influence and effects of the arts on health. There is a shorter summary document called Can the arts have a positive effect on health? PDF
Arts Council
Your health and the arts: a study of the association between arts engagement and health PDF
This report presents key findings on the associations between engagement in the arts, health and illness. The study is based on population surveys carried out for Arts Council England by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Arts Council England
The arts and mental health: creativity and inclusion PDF
This study by Hester Parr set out to investigate the relationship between community arts activities and people with severe and enduring mental health problems.  It found that the experience of arts for mental health led to increased self-understanding, self-esteem and feelings of stability.
University of Dundee
Dance and health: The benefits for people of all ages PDF
Produced in partnership with the Department of Health and the DCMS, this folder outlines the health benefits of dance and provides examples of dance projects in a range of health settings.
Arts Council England
The power of art, visual arts: evidence of impact PDF
regeneration, health, education and learning
This report contains an analysis and a set of case studies to illustrate the impact of contemporary visual arts in regeneration, health, education and learning.
Arts Council England
Mental health, social inclusion and the arts: developing the evidence base PDF
A report on the two-year research programme in response to the Social Exclusion Unit’s report on mental health and social exclusion commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department of Health.
DCMS and DoH
The impact of the arts: some research evidence PDF
This document draws together research evidence on the impact of the arts on employment, education, health, criminal justice and regeneration. It presents findings on the impact of the arts on individuals and on communities.
Arts Council  England
Out of the Hopeless Box – Creative Neighbourhoods, an evaluation PDF
The Creative Neighbourhoods programme was established by London Arts to respond to the Government's Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy. The programme looked at two priority areas: combating racism in London and young people at risk. This report assessed the project and provides a model for evaluating inclusive arts practice.
Arts Council England
Arts Council England: Our agenda for the arts in London Thames Gateway PDF
An exploration of the strategic context for arts and cultural development, in the London Thames Gateway area. The report identifies a role for arts and culture and outlines the opportunities for growth.
Arts Council England
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