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Fit and Tasty sessions at Camden's H-Pod come to an end


A series of Well London commissioned, exercise and nutrition classes, based in the Regents Park Estate in Camden will have its final session on 25th February.  

The classes, which started last summer brought together introductory sessions in practises such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi-Gong with cookery sessions focused around healthy and economical techniques in the kitchen. The early sessions were initially spearheaded by a local retired chef whose contributions were described as ‘incredible’ by Well London co-ordinator, Diana Young.

However, since January, Diana and other members from Fit and Tasty have joined up with Cook and Eat – a similarly themed Well London class in the local area, which was aimed at the Bangladeshi community.

Nadia, who was originally a member of the Cook and Eat group described the sessions, saying ‘it’s like meeting with family, they are very nice people. I’ve learnt new stuff I didn’t know before, I didn’t actually know the English cooked!’

Whilst these two groups have been getting to know each other the focus of the sessions has shifted solely to the cooking. The group has also progressed from being led by an expert to being focused around people bringing in dishes, sharing recipes and making the time for community lunches.

A long term member of the group, Carol, praised the sessions diversity and described how, ‘once a month we bring in our own dishes which means you can taste food from Somalia, Nigeria, Mauritius. A Chinese girl came in and made Japanese sushi which was great!’

The sessions will come to their on the 25th February but the demand for more is clearly there in terms of both numbers and enthusiasm. Diana added that it was ‘very sad to see it finish. There is one iron in the fire which might pull through with some continuation funding but I don’t know.’ 

If you would like to find out what else is going on at the Regent’s Park Estate H-Pod and what other Well London events are ongoing in the area please get in touch with Diana Young –

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