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Phase 1 Research and Evaluation

Well London phase 1 evaluation findings (2007 – 2011) have now been published and brought together in a synthesis report:

A peer-reviewed report of the non experimental evaluation components is also available:

Summary of Findings

The evaluation considered impact at several levels: individual 'participant' level, project level, programme level, community level and whole population wide level.

There was strong qualitative and some quantitative evidence of important positive impacts for local people who participated directly in the programme activities on a range of health and well-being indicators. This impact appeared to be greater for those local people who got involved in organising and delivering programme activities - a key feature of the Well London approach.

There were also promising findings relating to impact at project, programme and community levels.

There was little evidence of significant positive impact at the whole population level in phase 1, except for significant positive findings relating to reductions in unhealthy eating and people in the neighbourhood pulling together more (one of the social cohesion measures).

However areas where there were higher levels of exposure to the intervention showed some significantly better outcomes at the wider population level.

Overall, findings from the evaluation of phase 1 provide some encouraging evidence that the Well London framework works to improve the health and well-being of participants and potentially the wider population where higher levels of participation are achieved through the local programmes.

Phase 1 peer reviewed publications

We have listed a number of peer reviewed journals that have emerged from Well London.
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