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Signposting to policy, evidence and tools: Physical Activity

Are you working to promote physical activity through community-led projects in London? In this section of the site we signpost you to relevant policies, strategies, evidence and tools.

What is Well London doing to promote physical activity?

Through the programme, we are working to promote physical activity principally through our project Activate London. Activate London is training and supporting local people to act as 'peer activators'.

This involves behaviour change and activity leadership training that enables members of the community themselves to develop a broad range of physical activities using local community facilities. The project is coordinated by Central YMCA.

Policy and guidance

Key policies, strategies and action plans for the UK and London

The evidence base

Evidence on why physical activity is important for health. Also statistics on the current levels of activity of people in the UK and London, and what works in getting people more active.

Tools and resources

A range of resources to help encourage people to increase their levels of physical activity.

Case Studies to inspire your work on:


Organisations providing further support

We hope these resources are useful to you. If you have any feedback or comments, or wish to add anything, please email

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