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Open spaces, wellbeing and the Big Society.

How can London's open spaces boost wellbeing, cut crime and maximise value in the new politics?

09:00am – 1.30pm, including lunch
Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford Street, London SE1 9SE

What was it about?

This event will explore the potential of urban open spaces in the context of the new politics and the Big Society. The evidence shows that people with access to quality green and open spaces are healthier and happier. Shared spaces can promote mental well-being, relieve stress, overcome isolation, improve social cohesion and alleviate physical problems. The event will look at how integrated, community-led open spaces projects can contribute to the Big Society by boosting health and wellbeing, encouraging personal responsibility and cutting crime and anti-social behaviour. Workshops will include sustainable models of funding, cutting crime and possible impacts of the new health commissioning models



  • Understand integrated open spaces projects in the context of the new politics and how they can contribute to the Big Society
  • Explore links between open spaces, inequality, health and well being and improve linkages between research, policy and practice
  • Showcase Well London Healthy Spaces work demonstrating transformative and sustainable community empowerment and engagement Well London is a portfolio of locally focussed, integrated community development and capacity building projects designed to join up with other projects to improve community health and wellbeing

Why should I attend?

  • Share stories, evidence and learning with other projects working across London
  • Find out how your work can contribute to the aims of the new politics and the Big Society
  • Explore the best ways to maximise value and source funding for future projects

as well as exciting performances and touching poetry from recent youth projects......


This event is free of charge but Wellnet events are very popular and places are limited. We will attempt to accommodate as many people as possible but priority will be given to those who have not previously attended a Wellnet event in the past.

To sign up, please complete this form by Friday 31st August 2010 and we will contact to let you know if you have secured a place.

Please contact Jude 020 7234 9405 if you need more information.

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