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Mental Well-being Impact Assessment (MWIA)

Mental Well-being Impact Assessment (MWIA) is a pioneering methodology that enables organisations, communities, and  projects to understand and demonstrate their impact on mental well-being. It is based on the evidence base on the determinants of mental well-being and on health impact assessment methodology.


The Objectives of the Well London MWIA project are to:

  • Deliver a programme better tuned to deliver mental well-being across all activities
  • Deliver a set of well-being indicators developed by local stakeholders
  • Engage communities and increase understanding around mental well-being
  • Develop local capacity to undertake MWIAs

Achievements of the MWIA project in Well London Phase 1

  • Provided an action learning programme in MWIA for 94 people across 19 Boroughs
  • 326 people attended 31 MWIA workshops in total: 113 participants in MWIAs on Well London projects and 106 for other projects in or near target areas
  • Three learning networks were held to share learning and practice in MWIA across London
  • 89% of participants said that the MWIA training had increased their understanding of mental wellbeing
  • 5 follow up learning networks held for people trained in MWIA through Well London
  • Quarterly MWIA update newsletter established - now ongoing
  • Network of MWIA practitioners established

Examples of Well London Phase 1 MWIA can be found below.

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