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Eatwell (Phase 1)

EatWell helped people learn more about the benefits of healthy eating for physical and mental health.

What is it for?

Eatwell worked to increase the take-up of healthy food and build a sense of community by:

  • Raising awareness of how to eat for good physical and mental health
  • Making healthy eating more attractive and easier to do
  • Reducing social isolation, building community cohesion and celebrating different cultural and ethnic traditions through food
  • Showcasing healthy, seasonal, local foods


Cook & Eat activities were initially supported but later led by trained members of the community. Sessions were fun, safe, sociable and inclusive. They included a range of free activities, from formal courses to taster sessions for people who cannot commit to a full course, and encouraged people to celebrate culture and ethnicity through food.

Community Feasts brought the community together in celebration, showcased healthy, seasonal and local foods, and celebrated cultural traditions represented in each area.

ActivEAT was a special project, linked to the Well London World Cup in June 2010. ActivEAT taught young football players from the Well London boroughs about eating healthily for sport and encouraged them to pass this on to their family and friends.

Results from Well London Phase 1

  • 20 cook and eat courses, each reaching at least 20 participants, run over a three year period
  • Community Feasts have been held in all 20 areas with over 8,000 attendees in total
  • 11794 individuals reached over whole Eatwell project
  • Increased understanding of links between healthy eating, exercise and good physical and mental health
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