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Volunteer Delivery Teams

This key project trains and supports local teams of volunteers to empower people to take up healthier choices in each Well London area. Volunteers are drawn from diverse groups and help to foster a culture of neighbourliness.

Some of the  WLDT from Barnfield Estate in Woolwich (Phase 1)

What is it for?

  • To increase levels of healthy eating, physical activity and mental health by encouraging people to take up Well London activities, existing local activities and resources
  • To increase levels of responsiveness of local service deliverers to community need


Peers or “champions” with some existing relationships in a community are well placed to spread information about what is available, and to encourage their peers to take up services and resources. The project is based on social marketing theory, recognising that a ‘peer-to-peer’ approach can often be effective in motivating people to take up certain activities and even make lifestyle changes.

Once trained, members work both as a local team and individually to:

  • “signpost” people to services and resources, for example counselling services or a local food co-op
  • act as advocates for people as they engage with service providers
  • encourage people to take up healthier lifestyles

The Well London Delivery Team (WLDT) was a pivotal project within Phase 1 of the Well London Programme and remains so in Phase 2. The project’s aim is to grow teams of about ten (or more) volunteers recruited from each target community. This team of volunteers is trained through another of the Well London projects, ‘Training Communities’ although training is optional. Once trained, the WLDT acts as advocates for residents, signposting them to Well London projects, other services and resources and increasing the responsiveness of local services by engaging with service providers and providing a feedback loop. Optimally, members of the WLDT gradually take a greater involvement in steering the Well London Programme in their area.

Achievements (Phase 1)

In Phase 1 of the Well London Programme, London Sustainability Exchange and Central YMCA were the Well London partners responsible for delivering this project.

  • Key project in designing and delivering projects in many target areas
  • Over 400 WLDT volunteers recruited (Target 100)
  • At least 172 trained to RSPH Level 2 (Health Trainers): Example: The Well London Delivery Team in Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, trained 15 volunteers and made over 800 referrals to local services. 7 of these volunteers have now found employment.
Evaluation Report of the Well London Delivery Team/Health Champions in White City
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