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Buywell (Phase 1)

Buywell worked to improve access to healthy, affordable, sustainable food and increasing healthy choices in food outlets.

Buywell aimed to help Londoners living in Well London target areas to eat more of a wider range of healthier foods by supporting local groups to plan, develop and run food access projects.

What is it for?

Responding to local needs identified in ongoing assessments, Buywell projects supported organisations and individuals to:

  • Set up and maintain community-led “food co-ops”, box schemes and mobile food stores, linked to local producers/markets.
  • Increase provision and improve displays of fruit and veg for convenience stores.
  • Expand the role of existing “food co-ops” so that they help people to access other food, mental health and physical activity-related services, and assist them to become more financially independent.
  • Offer healthier choices on the menus and ranges of local food restaurants and/or shops.

Results so far?

  • Buywell food co-ops and community cafés have benefited over 3200 people.
  • Sales of fruit and vegetables in local shops have increased. One store owner in Tower Hamlets said “Since making changes, I’ve sold more fruit and vegetables in one day than I usually do in a whole week”.
  • Café Relax in Tower Hamlets has given local women the opportunity to train in catering, while 77% of café customers agreed it had helped them to make healthier eating choices.
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