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Manjula Amejee – Resident and Well London Volunteer, Brent

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Manjula had taken a break in her career to be a full time mother but was looking for something to do with her spare time. After meeting a member of the Well London team at her local nursery group, Manjula decided to volunteer with Well London across the projects in Chalkhill. Manjula helped to start and run the Conversation Café where local people who felt isolated could come and discuss topics such as friendship, family and their cultural differences. After receiving training from the Well London team, Manjula had the confidence to believe in what she was doing. After the success of her project and her commitment to the local area, Manjula was bought on to the board of Chalkhill Community Centre as a trustee. “Volunteering is not only about helping others because you help yourself more than you realize. Your confidence grows and your self esteem also.”
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