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William James Tutt – Resident and Well London Volunteer, Lewisham

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Before Well London, William was an active member of the Lewisham community. However, after his health started to deteriorate, William decided to make some lifestyle changes and start exercising. William’s previous voluntary roles had not addressed the issues of health and wellbeing so with his personal circumstances changing he saw the chance to become part of Well London’s drive to address the health inequality issue across the capital. William noticed that men generally did not want to get involved in the issues which affected Lewisham. With the help of Well London, he started a men’s group, which helped those out of work back into training, reconnected them with their communities and provided information on healthy lifestyles. William has benefitted a lot by volunteering with Well London. He is exercising five times a day and is eating much healthier. His workout comprises of running three miles a day and cardiovascular training. But he says his biggest benefit is that he feels de-stressed. “My motto is ‘Good in Spirit, Good in Mind.’ That is something I aspire to.”
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