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Logo Design Competition - Winner

Posted: 18-08-2011


Residents of the 20 Well London communities have been voting and the results are now in. We are pleased to announce the winning design for the new and improved Well London logo below.

This design has been created by Joshua, a young resident from Southwark, who had this to say about his design at the beginning of the competition;

My logo idea came from the strap line 'Communities working together for a healthier City'. So I tried to make it as simple and catchy as possible but keeping in mind the focus.

In order to be healthier you have to eat healthy and be active. In my logo I tried to get my point across by drawing a number of things such as break-dancers. Dancing is a popular way for young people and old people to keep fit. I thought it would be cool to put chef hats on the dancers and to put one in the shape of a 'W'. I chose to characterise carrots in the form of an 'L' because it is a common healthy vegetable.

Joshua will now be meeting with the GLA's Design Team to turn his vision into the final logo that will be used across the Well London programme. He’ll also be collecting his prize.

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