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Tower Hamlets (Phase 2)

The following Well London activities will take place in the Aberfeldy Estate target area (more info to follow).


Projects and Activities

Please contact Victoria Coakley for more information about the activities taking place, and remember these activities are open to all residents of Aberfeldy Estate!

Name and Details of Project

Where and When


Who can come

Graffitti Project

Aberfeldy Centre


young people

The community cafe

Aberfeldy centre, all day every day


All residents welcome

The food Coop

Aberfeldy centre, most days during lunch


All residents welcome

Weight Management

Friday mornings, 10am, Aberfeldy Centre


Women Only

Fitness and Wellbeing

Aberfeldy offers a relaxing women’s yoga class which takes place every Friday at the community centre. It has been a popular class for a year now and is open women of all ages.

Arts, Crafts and Culture

Well London offers an ongoing graffiti project for young people which is supported by the local community centre and takes place within Aberfeldy estate.

Healthy Eating

Every Friday a weight management class takes place at the community centre – if you are looking to learn about nutrition and healthy eating this class is perfect or you.

Well London has opened a community cafe run by the local community, which is open to all and is based within the community centre. The café can prepare refreshing fruit smoothies for a small price, which you can enjoy whilst using the centre’s free computer and internet access.

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