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Ealing (Phase 1 - Completed)

The following Well London activities took place in the South Acton target area.

Themed Projects

Be Creative, Be Well

  • The South Acton Theatre project.

My mental health has been poor and over the years I have had many setbacks... Partaking in this group is really a good step in the right direction... I have asked a couple of people who I think may also be interested to attend as well.


Pupil Parent Partnership: Activities included African, Bhangra and Russian dance tasters, sculpture, photography and filmmaking workshops.


Food co-op


Community Feasts were delivered in February 2009 and April 2010.

DIY Happiness

Eight DIY Happiness sessions took place for local women

Mental Wellbeing impact assessment (MWIA)

An MWIA took place on the Healthy walks project.

Changing Minds

Mental health awareness sessions took place on a variety of subjects including:

  • Stress Management.
  • Understanding anxiety and depression.
  • Mental Health Awareness.
  • Assertiveness and Confidence.
  • Anger Management.

Healthy Spaces

  • Food Growing Workshops

Activate London

  • Led walks.
  • Gym activities.

It has been great being a Well London Volunteer and I have enjoyed participating in many of the projects on the South Acton Estate.

(South Acton WLDT volunteer)

Heart of the Community Projects

Training communities

This project provided training for the following Well London groups:

  • WLDT members
  • Well London Activators
  • MWIA facilitators
  • Young Ambassador

Training Communities also offered Personal support packages (PSPs).  Examples of training people chose included the following:

  • Exercise and ageing.

  • T-shirt printing workshops.

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Participant Data

Total participants; 891

731 people reported an increase in healthier eating.
722 people reported increased access to affordable healthy food.
739 people reported an increase in levels of physical activity.
738 people reported that they felt more or much more positive.

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