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Barking and Dagenham (Phase 1 - Completed)

The following Well London activities took place in the Heath target area.

Themed Projects

Be Creative, Be Well

  • Green Shoes ‘Dancing Heath’ facilitated dance sessions.
  • Studio 3 Arts: Gardenforce! Brought creativity to local gardens and green spaces.
  • Studio 3 Arts and Arc Theatre: 'Me and Us' drama workshops and a public showing.
  • Arc Theatre: A performance piece in response to the changing physical landscape of the local area.

It was a great pleasure to work with the residents of Darcy House. Everyone was open, friendly and extremely welcoming. They gave me a great insight into how it was for them growing up in the area in the nineteen thirties and forties and I know the stories they instigated inspired the young participants in their creativity and led to a greater understanding between the generations.

Clifford Oliver, Storyteller


Mobile Food Store
Work with fast food outlets


  • Cook and Eat courses.
  • Community Feasts were delivered in July 2009 and March 2011.

DIY Happiness

Eight DIY Happiness sessions. Dare to Dream ideas that were developed included:

  • Art/craft course for local residents.
  • Equipment for Parsloes Primary School Playground.
  • Set up of a crèche at a local church.
  • A theatre Trip.
  • Flower arranging.

It is really helpful. Staff were optimistic, warm and friendly. A really happy/positive experience that I will share with others

(Project participant)

Mental Wellbeing impact assessment (MWIA)

An MWIA took place on the Eatwell course.

Changing Minds

Mental health awareness sessions took place on a variety of subjects including:

  • Exercise and mental health.
  • Managing personal stress.
  • De-stress.
  • How to look after your mental health using exercise.

Healthy Spaces

  • Becontree Allotments

I don’t have a home and live rough but this project has given me something to cheer about. I get involved in the sessions and enjoy meeting people and chatting with them. I have grown potatoes, herbs, chillies, peppers, tomatoes, and onions and we have a healthy lunch


Activate London

  • Young people's multi-sports
  • Local signposting event with taster sessions
  • Young people's training
  • Dance engagement event
  • Dance sessions for girls
  • Children's Centre summer activities

Heart of the Community Projects

Training communities

This project provided training for the following Well London groups:

  • WLDT members
  • Well London Activators
  • MWIA facilitators
  • Young Ambassador

Training Communities also offered Personal support packages (PSPs). Examples of training people chose included the following:

  • Cookery.
  • Public speaking and IT.
  • Obesity management.
  • Computers for beginners.
  • Flower arranging.
  • Website building and maintenance.
  • Business and Finance.

  • A Young Ambassador was recruited in this area.

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Participant Data

Total participants; 358

287 people reported an increase in healthier eating.
279 people reported increased access to affordable healthy food.
302 people reported an increase in levels of physical activity.
293 people reported that they felt more or much more positive.

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